Greg Cox, 5 Implants, Bone & Gum Surgery, Sedation

My name is Greg Cox, I just left Dr. Ammons Dental By Design and I just wanted to leave a testimonial because I’m 53 years old and out of all the dentists that I’ve seen in my entire life, this office rocks. Dr. Ammons’ awesome, the staff is awesome. Everything that I’ve experienced at this place; and I’ve had bone marrow implants, I’ve had gum surgery, I’ve had all kinds of stuff done here, 5 implants, everything has been unbelievable. The sedation aspect of his service is just unbelievable. I can’t say enough good things. I would definitely recommend anybody who’s considering dental work to definitely come see him. Just had my teeth cleaned and I can honestly say I don’t think they’ve ever been this clean before. They definitely got in there. Anyway, just wanted to make sure I left a little something here to express my appreciation for everything that’s gone here. Looking forward to continuing to come. Thank you very much.

Marcia Garenger, Rick Garenger & Catherine Cologne

We are so glad we are patients at Dr. Ammons dental group. Their staff is exceptional. Dr. Ammons is a professional and his newest doctor, Dr. G is so kind and so wonderful in knowing what we need and doing it and we just love them as family does. We are appreciative of them and can’t recommend them enough to all of our friends and family and even church group. Thank you very much. Marcia Garenger, Rick Garenger and Catherine Cologne

Mary Hunt, Implant Patient

Hi, my name is Mary Hunt and I’m calling to comment on Dr. Ammons’ office, Dental by Design. The best care ever. I have nothing but a wonderful experience. He did implants and he is a perfectionist. And the staff and everyone was very very caring, treated me like I was family, and by follow ups, they’re always on time, perfect and take just very very good care of me.

Susan Herb, Dental Bridge Patient

Hi, this is Susan Herb and I’ve been coming to Dr. Ammons since last year and they have built me a bridge and it stays in so well, that I just adore it and it’s so easy to use. The way they treat you here is just like you’re family. And as a matter of fact, now my husband’s coming to them and he’s getting full dentures and implants. I think I’ve got somebody else in my family talked to come here too, because the more I say about them, the better people are amazed at how happy we are coming here. I just wanted you to know that the main thing, that they just treated us so well and explained everything to us. Thank you.

Grateful Patient

I’ve been experiencing a lot of dental issues . I’ve very leery of going to the dentist, I’m very scared about it, I’ve got a lot of dental work done in the past and a good friend recommended Dr. Ammons’ office and I found the people on the phone and here in the office to be so pleasant, so helpful. A lot of different choices were given to me, a lot of time was given to me. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a dental office that has been this friendly and happy and it just makes you feel at home. It’s been a wonderful experience and I certainly wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Implant Patient

I’m a patient of Dr. Michael Ammons and I’ve been with him for a year and a half and I really think he is a wonderful dentist. He is modern, he has modern technology, he knows a lot about implants, which I have. I have a bad case of the implants with infections and really just gave me good advise and has been there for me whenever I needed him. He is really a really excellent dentist and I appreciate him.

Robert Menglie

Yes, this is Robert Menglie and I just wanted to say that overall, I’m impressed with Dr. Ammons and the entire staff, John, the dental hygienist. He is very though and very serious about what he does and overall, he did a good job.

Grateful Patient

Ammons Dental. I had some problems with some front teeth and they fixed it for me and I’m really happy with the results that I had. Before, I’d go around, and when I talked, I would be afraid to open up my mouth all the way because people could see my crooked teeth, but they fixed it and I am really happy with the product. Thank you.

Debbie Hasting, Cleaning

Hi, this is Debbie Hasting and I just had a wonderful experience getting my teeth cleaned. Actually, it’s something I look forward to, coming to Dr. Ammons every 6 months to get my teeth cleaned. John does a wonderful job and I would highly recommend him to anybody, but anyway, I feel much better and like I have a new mouth. Have a great day! Bye.

John Murphy

Great experience here. Been here for about a year and a half or something. My name is John Murphy. They do a terrific job in here and I’m very very pleased with their performance and trust what they do for me. Thank you.