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Dentures Summerville, SC

Many people dread losing all of their teeth due to the prospect of wearing dentures that could cause both physical and emotional discomfort. However, dentures can also help you smile once again without feeling self-conscious, chew your food properly and speak with total confidence. If you are looking for a dentist who can provide you with top quality dentures in Summerville, SC, Ammons Dental by Design is only one call away.

Why Choose Ammons Dental by Design?
  • Advanced Training & Continuing Education in:• Dental Implants• Cosmetic Dentistry• Oral Surgery • Sedation
  • Lectures on Implant Dentistry
  • In-House Lab Provides Same Day Tooth Restorations
  • Computer Guided Implant Placement

What is the Purpose of Dentures?Dentures in Summerville SC

The primary purpose of dentures is to restore a full set of missing natural teeth. Some common causes of tooth loss include poor oral hygiene, facial trauma, severe malnutrition or genetic defects. Dentures can help reverse this seemingly hopeless situation, restoring the full healthy function of your teeth and the aesthetic appeal of your smile with artificial replacements. In addition, dentures can now be stabilized with dental implants, providing a permanent fit and thus additional comfort to the denture wearer.

We are proud to offer all types of dentures at our office, based on patients’ individual needs. The various types include:
  • Removable partial dentures – for patients who have lost several but not all of their teeth.
  • Complete (full) dentures – for patients who have lost all of their upper and/or lower teeth.
  • Fixed partial dentures, i.e., permanent bridges – composed of a combination of crowns fitted onto any remaining natural teeth and artificial teeth made from synthetic materials.
Partial and Complete Dentures in Summerville SC

At our office, we also provide a denture reline for improved stability and a more comfortable fit for your dentures. All reline procedures are completed in our dental lab, as a lab reline offers enhanced durability, resistance to staining and staying power within your mouth.

To learn more or to experience the difference of our dentures in Summerville, SC, please do not hesitate to contact Ammons Dental by Design today.

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